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- What is next for interest rates


What next for interest rates? We wish we could give an exact forecast, but we can't.
We can, however, arm you with the right information and views from those in the know so you can make your own call.


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Even if you're quite money-savvy, you probably find that organising your finances is a complex and daunting challenge. So it makes sound sense to get to know a dynamic, forward-thinking family of experts that you can always rely on for carefully considered impartial solutions to life's many financial conundrums. Our mission here at Abraham Associates is to make life smoother and more secure for you, by providing high quality professional financial guidance whenever you need it.

Everyone can benefit from knowing some essential contacts who can be confidently called upon whenever necessary: a good doctor, dentist and optician, a helpful solicitor, a versatile builder, a reliable plumber and an expert financial planning guru - which is where we fit in.

Sometimes, it may be a relatively straightforward matter, such as working out how much you should be saving at present towards retirement. Or you might need assistance to remortgage your house so that you can release some capital. Whatever your needs are at any given time, we can help you to make an informed choice that will suit your personal circumstances, not just now, but in the future as well - because financial decisions should always take account of the bigger picture.

Have a browse through this website, and if you like our strategic approach to financial matters, why not contact us to arrange an informal meeting to discuss your hopes, plans and problems. Who knows, it could be the start of a long-lasting relationship.

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